The Landscape as basic Matter of the Project


  • Giuseppe Di Benedetto University of Palermo



project, landscape, nature


The paper deals with the relationship between architecture and nature through the man-made landscape structural role in a particular project centered on the physical and spiritual dimension of the places. That’s how the landscape is intended as the main purpose of architecture. To explain the conveyed notions, we will examine the results of the design research carried out by the author for his laboratory of architectural design, for his dissertation on Architettura nella roccia about the excavating, subtraction and emptiness design concepts together with the generation of silent architectures.


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Author Biography

Giuseppe Di Benedetto, University of Palermo

Architect and PhD, he is Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Polytechnic School where he teaches Architectural Design. To his credit, he has a long experience of research on the teaching of the project, on the theoretical nodal elements of architecture and on the analysis of the characteristics of his training process, on the restoration of the Modern. On these topics, he has published numerous essays and monographs.


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Parco botanico nella cava dell’isola di Favignana (credit: R. Lo Presti2017)




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