The Scientific Directorate is pleased to inform the Academic and Scientific Community that AGATHÓN has been indexed by SCOPUS starting from 2023 and has been included in the ANVUR list of A Class Journals for area 08 (sectors 08C1, 08D1, 08E1 and 08E2), and in the ANVUR list of Scientific Journals for area 08 (sectors 08C1, 08D1, 08E1, 08E2, and 08F1) starting from January 2017.
For the achievement of this prestigious goal, we would like to thank the Members of the Scientific Committee and the Editorial Board, the Authors who have published their essays and research, the Referees for their rigorous reviewing activities and all the editorial, secretarial and production Staff for their professionalism and daily work.
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The new Publishing series in "PROJECT | Essays and Researches" is online
The Publishing series is open access, therefore the DEMETRA Ce.Ri.Med. (Promoter) and the Palermo University Press (Publisher) invite Users to read and/or download the published volumes free of charge.
vol. 1)  Sposito, C. and Violano, A. (2018), Technological Design – The innovation in the method, Palermo University Press, Palermo. [Online] Available for free at:
vol. 2) De Giovanni, G. and Scalisi, F. (eds) (2019), Pro-Innovation – Process Production Product, Palermo University Press, Palermo. [Online] Available for free at:
vol. 3) Tucci, F. and Sposito, C. (eds) (2020), Resilience between Mitigation and Adaptation, Palermo University Press, Palermo. [Online] Available for free at:
vol. 4) Scalisi, F. (ed.) (2020), From Mega to Nano – The Complexity of a Multiscalar Project, Palermo University Press, Palermo. [Online] Available for free at:
vol. 5) Sposito, C. (ed.) (2021), Possible and Preferable Scenarios of a Sustainable Future, Palermo University Press, Palermo. [Online] Available for free at:
vol. 6 Scalisi, F. (ed.) (2021), A new life for Landscape, Architecture and Design, Palermo University Press, Palermo. [Online] Available for free at:
posted 2022-07-09
vol. 7 Scalisi, F., Sposito, C. and De Giovanni, G. (eds) (2022), On Sustainable Built Environment – Between Connections and Greenery, Palermo University Press, Palermo. [Online] Available for free at:
posted 2022-09-30

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Referring to the article “Environmental design multisensory experience. Integrated space for simulation activities”, published on Agathon 07 | 2020, the authors (Prof. Mario Bisson, Prof. Stefania Palmieri, Dr. Alessandro Ianniello del Politecnico di Milano) specify that: the immersive multisensory solution, installed in Novara at the Università del Piemonte Orientale (Eastern Piedmont University, Italy), had been designed and installed by the company Logos Centro Studi Srl, and registered under the trade mark e-Real®; among the innovative features of this solution there are the integrated use of capacitive walls, proximity sensors and ultra-short-throw projectors—all combined into a layout designed by Logos and running with its software, which reflects a specific andragogic and psycho-pedagogical model. The same kind of immersive multisensory solution was installed by Logos within the EDME lab at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
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Call for Papers | submission deadline 31 July 2020
Design to connect – People / Assets / Processes
Palermo (ITA), 2021 – date to be defined
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Call for Abstract | submission deadline 25 November 2019
International Conference
Naples (ITA), 1-2 July 2021
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VIII Forum ProArch | The architectural project as an intersection of knowledge
Naples (ITA), 21-23 November 2019
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International Conference | ARCHi_Cottura: atelier for domestic space between food, architecture and design
Castellammare del Golfo (ITA) | 18-20 October 2019
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