Mutations and pemanences in ancient Palermo


  • Tiziana Firrone University of Palermo
  • Carmelo Bustino University of Palermo



historic center, urban scenarios, renewal


Ancient Palermo identifies itself with its Historic Center whose complexity is the result of the encounter of successive cultures over the centuries and which gave the city its current facies. These sites are now a complex and articulated microcosm where the cultural models of the new inhabitants relate to the pre-existing, creating new forms and expressions of the anthropic intervention. The analysis is aimed at new urban scenarios, at footprints, at signs and at mutations created by a settlement process that involves new residents and their resources, in a field that has all the potential to return to Palermo its role as an international capital, with a view to integrating, welcoming, renewal and enhancing the enormous multicultural wealth accumulated in centuries of history.


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Author Biographies

Tiziana Firrone, University of Palermo

Architect and Researcher in Architectural Technology, she has been teaching Environmental Design at the Polytechnic School. She carries out research on eco-technologies applied to bioclimatic design and bio-architecture, with particular attention to the themes of recovery and enhancement of architectural heritage in Sicily.

Carmelo Bustino, University of Palermo

Architect, he is a Teaching Assistant in the subject of Environmental Design and Architecture Technology at the  Polytechnic School. Specialized in Conservation of Historic Architecture, he was tutor and co-supervisor of numerous degree theses.


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