Strategies of urban regeneration for historical city: Flussbad Berlin


  • Irene Marotta University of Palermo



river renewal, museum island, Flussbad Berlin


The article deals with the issues of the urban regeneration of Berlin’s historic centre, while focussing on the Flussbad Berlin, a project of sustainable redevelopment of the River Spree around the Museum Island, which today is the focus of major city debate. Berlin is currently reflecting on the identity of its historic centre, whether to scrupulously conserve its nineteenth-century image or to make it a new urban centrality for its citizens. The will to make the historic centre immutable, increasing detachment with the rest of the city and promoting the ongoing ‘touristification’ process, clashes with the idea of Berlin as a «dialogic city» where diverse sites and activities can express themselves and interact productively.


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Author Biography

Irene Marotta, University of Palermo

Architect and PhD at the Department of Architecture. She is a member of the LabCity Architecture research group directed by Prof. Renzo Lecardane. She carries out research on the enhancement and transformation of architectural Heritage in the European city, through the practice of urban design. She has participated in international research groups and has published her articles in international scientific journals.


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