Franco Vaccari. Experiencing darkness towards Shamanism


  • Sergio Poggianella FSP in Rovereto (TN)



darkness, light, performance, shamanism, ecstasy


This paper examines one of the most symbolic and meaningful artworks by Franco Vaccari, Dark Sculpture, an artwork/temporary performance in which darkness becomes a play of presence-absence, inspired, both conceptually and visually, by the transition from light to dark. A labyrinthine darkness that enhances the other senses and helps to rediscover the light forms of the Spirit worlds that are concealed precisely by the optical space, so they can’t be seen. The Shaman passes through these dream states and Spirit worlds – in an altered state of consciousness – in order to recover the souls of the humans closest to him, lost after an illness. Dark spaces in which, as Vaccari states, the forms that may be encountered become unexpected events with hallucinating features.


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Author Biography

Sergio Poggianella, FSP in Rovereto (TN)

Anthropologist, he is an art Collector and Curator, member of the International Society for Shamanistic Research (ISARS). Chairman of the Sergio Poggianella Foundation (FSP), for nearly forty years he has supervised and managed art galleries, with a significant curatorial activity resulting in 132 exhibitions and 83 published catalogues.


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Franco Vaccari e Sergio Poggianella




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