Sustainable Winter-Tourism: the Project Snow-Cloud


  • Walter Klasz University of Innsbruck
  • Michael Bacher University of Natural Resources and Life Science of Vienna
  • Markus Ressl



self-formation, active bending, reduction of resources, sustainable winter-tourism, cloud for fresh snow


This article describes an experimental and multidisciplinary project with the goal to provide an ecological alternative to the existing winter tourism in alpine regions. The project emerged from the fusion of new snowmaking technology, based on the principle of natural snowflake evolution and the spatial conception of wooden Cloud structures, which are placed in the local environments in a sense of functional land-art.


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Author Biographies

Walter Klasz, University of Innsbruck

Researcher, International Professor and Militant Architect who has been leading his own studio since 2005: he combines the High-Tech scenario of Richard Horden and Norman Foster with the Bionic one by Frei Otto; he describes his work as 'Bio-based low-high-hybrid Structures', title of Klasz's audition for the 'Bio-based constructions' Chair in Vienna (2017).

Michael Bacher, University of Natural Resources and Life Science of Vienna

Managing Director of the startup, as a Researcher he developed together with an international team a natural technique to produce powder snow; the patent was awarded as the best Austrian patent of the year 2016.

Markus Ressl

CEO of, he is PhD of Economy in Communion. Ressl is leading the market introduction project for the NeuschneeGmb company, with the vision of a change towards sustainable tourism in the Alps.


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Il concetto di land-art inserito nel contesto di Lüsens im Sellraintal (credits: W. Klasz; J. Seyrling)




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Klasz, W., Bacher, M. and Ressl, M. (2019) “Sustainable Winter-Tourism: the Project Snow-Cloud ”, AGATHÓN | International Journal of Architecture, Art and Design, 2(online), pp. 197–204. doi: 10.19229/2464-9309/2262017.
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