Landscapes, Myths and Artifacts


  • Mariella Zoppi University of Firenze



landscapes, transformations, ethics


The synergy between people’s labour and the earth has generated the magnificence of the landscapes which we have inherited from previous generations. Today, their safeguard has to be linked to the capacity to plan their transformations. This is an ethical duty which needs to be aligned with the cultural, technical and political capacities in order to foster their balanced socioeconomic development.


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Author Biography

Mariella Zoppi, University of Firenze

Architect and Urban Planner, she is Full Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Department of Architecture (DiDA). He has taught at the Universities of Barcelona and Berkeley CA. She has published monographs and essays on Florentine urban planning events and green issues. Among the publications are the volumes Progettare con il Verde, Storia del Giardino in Europa, I Giardini degli Inglesi, Beni Culturali e Comunità Locali, The European Garden, Vivere i Centri Storici.


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