Cosimo D’Amico: from the realism to hyper-realism


  • Giuseppina Vara



painting, hyperrealism, portraits


The Author introduces Cosimo D’Amico, a still little-known Sicilian painter whose technical mastery can be declined in heterogeneous and ever-new genres and pictorial imageries, ranging from metaphysical scenes to material landscapes, from ambiguous figures to portraits so real that they look alive.


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Author Biography

Giuseppina Vara

Historian of art and curator of exibition, she obtained the Master's Degree in History of Art at the 'Sapienza' University of Roma. Specializes in the history of contemporary art with particular attention to museum curating and museum education. She has had professional experience at the Quirinale stables, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome.


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Vara, G. (2017) “Cosimo D’Amico: from the realism to hyper-realism”, AGATHÓN | International Journal of Architecture, Art and Design, 1(online), pp. 123–128. doi: 10.19229/2464-9309/1192017.
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