Within the matter. Determining the performance of innovative bioplastic materials with SEM analysis


  • Antonella Violano ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’ University of Campania
  • Salvatore Del Prete Service Biotech S.r.l.




bio-based materials, bioplastics, SEM, EDX analysis, cradle-to-cradle approach


Reconsidering the role of the matter in the design process, with all its morphological ecosystemic and functional quality, is the starting point for the experimentation on innovative bioplastics conducted in industrial partnership by ZEBtwdZEEB Research Group of ‘L. Vanvitelli’ University of Campania with Service Biotech Srl. The use of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) allowed evaluating the biological evolutionary dynamics at micro-level that are at the base of the experimentation, fully in line with the approach of the regenerative Design and the Ecotechnological Design.


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Author Biographies

Antonella Violano, ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’ University of Campania

Architect and PhD, she is an Associate Professor of Technology of Architecture at the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design. She carries out research in Technological Innovation for the Built Environment, with a specific focus on eco-compatible and bio-based materials, on sustainable and energy-efficient Technological Design and Quality (ISO9001), Environment (ISO14001) and Energy (ISO50001) Management Systems.
E-mail: antonella.violano@unicampania.it

Salvatore Del Prete, Service Biotech S.r.l.

Biotechnologist and CEO of Service Biotech Srl, carries out research on the morphological study of surface structures and eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell organelles (pathogenic and non-pathogenic) and on the biochemistry of the precorneal film and on the structure and morphology and function of the microvilli, thanks to the use of SEM and TEM microscopes. Speaker at national and international conferences.
E-mail: info@servicebiotech.com


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