Living temporaneity in the student housing. A process and product challenge


  • Oscar Eugenio Bellini Polytechnic of Milano
  • Federica Donadoni Polytechnic of Milano



student housing, temporariness, flexibility, innovation, process


In University residences, the categories of stability and durability, which are usually attributed to architecture, do not necessarily have to be applied. The temporariness of these structures, which may seem a contradiction – if not an oxymoron – has become one of the design paradigms that define the essential element of this form of living. In student housing, the temporary character can take on a plurality of meanings: constructive, functional, of use, etc. The contribution illustrates how University residences have now freed themselves from a monotonous and standardized image and have reached interesting levels of quality, succeeding in giving credible answers on the technological and figurative level that could also be assumed in our country.


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Author Biographies

Oscar Eugenio Bellini, Polytechnic of Milano

Architect and PhD, he is Associate Professor in Building Technology at Department of Architecture, Built Environmental and Construction Engineering.

Federica Donadoni, Polytechnic of Milano

Architect, she is Teaching Assistant in Building Technology at Department of Architecture, Built Environmental and Construction Engineering.
E-mail: federica.donadoni@




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HUB_01, Kortrijk (credit: DmvA + A3 Ontwerpburo, 2014)




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