Teaching and building. Temporary Architecture between research and didactics

  • Marco Imperadori Polytechnic of Milano
  • Federica Brunone Polytechnic of Milano
Keywords: temporary architecture, applied research, experimental teaching, shelters, experimental constructions


The development of digital design technologies offers undoubted teaching tools for design and planning: project, pro-jectare, throwing forward. Parametric design, BIM, augmented reality are now present in vocabulary and professional skills, but they often create a detachment from reality and materiality. The architecture, the unique and real one, is the built one, in which the material and spatial essences demonstrate whether the theoretical assumptions are valid or not. Imagining educational paths that lead students to create real artefacts is an innovative, unusual approach that combines educational research with applied research. The article outlines a path of collaboration among various institutions and tracks the premises, methodologies, and results, proposing future research developments and offering opportunities for dissemination, replication and dissemination.

Author Biographies

Marco Imperadori, Polytechnic of Milano

Full Professor of Design and Technological Innovation at the ABC Department. Rector’s Delegate for the Far East, he carries out research and dissemination on sustainability and energy conservation and is the scientific Advisor of Arte Sella for architectural installations. He recently won The Beautiful Mind 2016 award at Farm Cultural Park and the 2018 Grand Prix du Design in Canada.
E-mail: marco.imperadori@polimi.it

Federica Brunone, Polytechnic of Milano

PhD Student in Construction Production at the ABC Department, she is interested in innovative and sustainable construction technologies. Since 2015, she has participated in several research projects in the development of innovative materials and integrated design strategies. Between 2017 and 2018, she took part in exhibitions and workshops for FARM Cultural Park, Arte Sella, and La Triennale di Milano.
Email: federica.brunone@polimi.it


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Equilatera, a pavilion in scraps of X-LAM for the courtyards of Farm Cultural Park (credit: Politecnico di Milano)
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